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Triple Kayak Rental

DURATION 1 h. 2 h. 3 h. 1 day
PRICE Triple Kayak € 25 € 45 € 60 € 110


Triple Kayak rental for 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults

If you like to share experiences and want to do a fun water sport, we offer you our triple Kayak rental for two adults + 2 children or for 3 adults. And it is that you will enjoy with family or friends the pleasure of canoeing through the spectacular landscape of the Bay of Alcúdia, where we are.

For Triple Kayak Rental it is not necessary to have previous experience, since the exercise and the technique are very simple. However, a monitor will offer you some basic notions so that you do not have difficulties to move. In addition, the waters in this area are so safe and calm, that it is the perfect place to start rowing. As there is time to do many things in an hour, we suggest you snorkel, thanks to the diving goggles you will be able to appreciate the exclusive posidonia meadows that indicate the quality of the water.

Triple kayak to share the exercise. You will finish the activity with the feeling of having had a great experience with family or friends, where coordination and emotion have been the protagonists.

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