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Windsurfing course 1 / 2 days

DURATION 1 day 2 days
PRICE Person 55 € € 105

*1:30 hours of class + 30′ free practice per day


The conditions of the beaches of the Bay of Alcudia , where we are, are ideal for those who want to start in the activity of windsurfing . And the fact is that the softness of the wind and the waves makes this sport easier and safer. Therefore, if this is your case, and you want to get baptized in this sport or perfect your technique, come to our 90-minute windsurfing course . per day duration with a dedicated qualified monitor plus 30 min. free practice.

Before starting the course, we will meet in our facilities near the beach , to deliver both the material to do the activity, as well as the safety equipment that the exercise requires. There we have changing rooms and lockers so that you can change and store your belongings with confidence.

Our center has a 100-meter private beach for the little ones to enjoy freely, without worrying about disturbing other bathers. In addition, the conditions of gentle marine currents make this place a very quiet place, perfect to start any water sport.

This will show you how to keep the balance on top of the board and guide you with the sail by the sea taking advantage of its currents and those of the wind. But if you have already had contact with sport, and what you want is to develop your skill, this offer is also ideal for you, because the teacher can assess your technique and give you the necessary instructions to improve it.

. If you also have any questions, the teacher will be happy to talk with you at this time to solve it.

Also if your level allows it, you can rent your own equipment to enjoy at your leisure.


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